NZPC Venture Summit

/ Sponsorships / 28 Mar 2023


Building a thriving, innovative, venture capital community.

The New Zealand Venture Summit is the industry-wide event for venture capital professionals.

NZ Private Capital's summit explores domestic and global trends in raising venture funds, working with investors and founders, and how market trends have potential to disrupt or further enable New Zealand's investment markets.  It’s a gathering for investors and fund managers to connect with the community for the fast-evolving venture market, and also contribute to its future direction.
28 March 2023 - Auckland

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Elevate NZ Venture Capital Pulse Check 4

19 Apr 2024

An overview of NZ's venture capital market following a fund managers pulse check session


AI Unboxed Series: Machine Learning 101

19 Mar 2024

AI Unboxed Series: Machine Learning 101
A breakdown of the complex world of artificial intelligence


Board Chair reappointment

14 Mar 2024

Annabel Cotton has had her term as NZGCP Board Chair extended by a further three years.