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/ General Publications / 17 Jul 2023 / Katie Hickmer

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Values are the fundamental beliefs that help drive a team (and as individuals) to successful and positive outcomes.

At NZGCP, we work very closely with founders, investors and ecosystem supporters to help build world-class tech companies. Over the past year, we have taken a deep-dive into what makes us tick as individuals and as an organisation. Here are the values that we as a team have crafted and are embedding into our day-to-day actions to help build great industry relationships and achieve results within our tech start-up space ....

Curious Simple Single

We are curious.


We seek to learn, understand and share knowledge in a world that is not black and white.

We embrace technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship – to back bold ideas for growth.

We explore smarter ways to maximise value and to stay ahead of the game.

Uplift Simple Single

We uplift.


We are empathetic, put heart into our work and bring the best out of each other – teammates, founders and industry partners.

We care and connect on a personal level and are constructive in helping each other up in an ever-changing environment.

We amplify collaboration by playing to strengths, leveraging and celebrating diversity of all those we work with.

Needle Simple Single

We move the needle.


We recognise the impact we can have - we back those who strive to solve the world's great issues, and we action change to encourage positive shifts in our early-stage investment ecosystem.

We aspire to build a lasting positive legacy through delivering great results for all stakeholders.

We help position Aotearoa on the world stage through tech investment and genuine support - creating a better tomorrow for the world.

If you ever feel we are not living our values, we encourage you to address this with us and hold us accountable. 

- From all of the team at NZGCP.

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