Funding options in New Zealand

There are a wide range of funding options for high-growth technology companies, depending upon your size and stage. Some of the more common funding methods are set out below.


If a company is producing revenues, these might be sufficient for re-investing into growth. This is termed "bootstrapping".


For many, bank loans are the best option. Many founders take out new mortgages on their house and their assets to help finance their new venture.

Family +

Many new ventures survive on backing from family and friends, ensuring that the ownership of the venture remains within a close-knit group.


There are a number of New Zealand technology incubators who invest in and actively help commercialise complex technologies and concentrate on taking your concept to the next level by building a business around the technology. A number of founder incubators also exist to support founders through business support and networks to help accelerate your business.

Grants and tax credits

Businesses that are engaged in significant research and development can seek Government funding through Universities, Research Institutes, and Callaghan Innovation. You may also be able to take advantage of Inland Revenue's research and development tax incentive scheme which has been extended to assist start-ups who are in a tax loss position

Third party investors

There are a range of other investors that finance business growth in search of financial returns. Angel investors, crowd funding, seed funds (including our Aspire fund), venture capital and corporate investment are all options depending upon your stage and size and the growth profile of your business. NZGCP has extensive networks and partners with a wide range of government, universities and other third party investors. Please contact us to see if we can help.

Private equity & capital markets

Private equity and public debt and equity (as a result of listing on an appropriate stock exchange) are both options as your company matures.

Further information about funding options

For more details on how to raise capital or help with exploring different options check out the websites of our government partners: