Unlocking regenerative healing for everybody.

Sector: Health-tech

Invested: January 2008



From a Kiwi start-up to a global player in medical device, Aroa is focused on improving the rate and quality of healing in complex wounds and soft tissue reconstruction.

Founded in 2008, Aroa Biosurgery is a soft tissue regeneration company whose proprietary Aroa ECM™ platform technology is derived from sheep forestomach and acts as a scaffold to grow new tissue lost or damaged through disease or injury, allowing the patient’s own cells to grow into the matrix to build new tissue and re-establish blood supply.

With five FDA approved products under their belt already, and a portfolio of patents, the brand is clinically proven and on an incline for success in the global markets, namely USA with inroads into Canada, Europe and select Asian countries.

“The involvement of early investors, including Movac and NZGCP, provided a patient, supportive capital base. By being able to see Aroa’s future prospects during our development phase, this family of investors has enabled Aroa to mature to the point where we can now raise capital through the fully public market and move forward on our continued growth plans,” says Aroa Chief Executive, Brian Ward.

In June 2020, the company listed on the ASX through an IPO which valued Aroa at A$225 million.

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