Reimagine reconstructive surgery.

Sector: Health-tech

Invested: July 2023


Say goodbye to tedious hand sewing and welcome a new age of seamless and efficient microvascular connection.

Avasa are on a mission to transform reconstructive microsurgery. Currently, plastic surgeons have to manually hand sew impossibly small arteries to restore blood circulation to transplanted tissue. This is hard, risky, and time consuming. It takes 40-60 minutes to connect just one artery, however Avasa's proprietary device can do this in 5-10 minutes! delivering safer outcomes for patients.

  • Safer - Improved vascular connection reduces transplant failures and readmissions

  • Simpler - Intuitive design for easy deployment and precise procedures

  • Faster - 85% faster procedure means patients are taken off GA into recovery earlier

Avasa's technology is aimed at maximising surgeon performance and give patients who have suffered from debilitating disease or deformity, a new lease on life. They continue to push the boundaries of medicine, design, and engineering to help solve some of mankind's greatest challenges.

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