Connecting forests to carbon markets.

Sector: Deep-tech

Invested: August 2023


CarbonCrop is a technology platform founded in 2020 with the goal of simplifying access to carbon markets using AI and automation to deliver robust carbon measuring, monitoring and management. 

The need to reduce climate change impacts is becoming increasingly important. CarbonCrop wish to help achieve this by creating a rich, productive, resilient, and biodiverse ecosystem that both removes carbon and restores nature.

Their technology makes it easier for landholders to restore forests, store carbon, get paid, and for aspiring net-zero businesses to tap into the sequestration in their supply chain to add value, differentiate and ensure market access.

As of September 2023, they've unlocked more than NZ$25m of carbon financing to forests of all types, particularly to chronically underfunded and at-risk biodiverse native forests throughout New Zealand, and they're just getting started!



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