Kitea Health

Transforming healthcare for people living with chronic conditions.

Sector: Deep-tech

Invested: February 2023


Introducing Kitea: the world's most accurate implantable sensor for heart failure and hydrocephalus.

Worldwide healthcare management for a variety of chronic conditions is managed reactively, waiting until symptoms change, and then acting. For many, there isn't the luxury of time and therefore Kitea Health's technology will change the management of patients to one of proactive care through precise monitoring of pressure within the body via micro-implantable devices. 

The team at Kitea Health believe micro-implants are the future for implantable technologies and will enable people to remain in their own homes, out of hospital, and have their health needs better managed at a lower cost.

This next-generation medical device company is the outcome of 10+ years of fundamental research at the University of Auckland Auckland Bioengineering Institute by a team led by Professor Simon Malpas. Kitea Health's technology is a novel implantable pressure sensor, the size of a few grains of rice to be inserted in patients with hydrocephalus (a build-up of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain), alongside and at the same time as a shunt is.

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