The Clinician

Redefining how healthcare is measured and delivered.

Sector: Health-tech

Invested: October 2018


Ron Tenenbaum

Tamaryn Hankinson


The Clinician is an innovative digital health company helping healthcare organisations to collect, analyse and act on the health outcomes and experiences that matter most to patients. 

The Clinician's flagship product is ZEDOC, a value-based health outcomes platform that enables organisations to automate the collection and analysis of outcomes and experiences directly from patients, either through self-report or through connection with wearables. 

For healthcare organisations, ZEDOC streamlines the end-to-end management of this healthcare data, delivering care teams patient-centred insights that have been proven to improve health outcomes and care delivery, while containing costs. For patients, ZEDOC creates an empowering and personalised digital experience that keeps them engaged at each step in their care journey.



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