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Invested: March 2021




Former Electrical Engineer, Curtis Bailey saw firsthand the number of hours he was needing to devote to admin. So he set about creating a solution - Tradify is a job management application for trade businesses to simplify their job quoting, scheduling, management and invoicing.

The most useful tool in the toolbox, Tradify gives tradies their nights and weekends back to spend with family & friends rather than catching up on invoicing and quoting. Tech savvy trade business owners are reaping the benefits of being more connected to their staff and reducing time spent 'off the tools'. Integration with Xero accounting products and their commitment to set up & ongoing tech support is clearly appealing too, with over 20,000 users now worldwide. 

 How Tradify Works.

Tradify offers a two week free trial. What are you waiting for?  Test it out today HERE.


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