VMG Digital

Video creative crafted to perform.

Sector: Software

Invested: September 2020


Founded in New Zealand in 2017, VMG Digital is a leading producer of creative assets for digital media. Technology and social media platforms have increased our ability to reach specific audiences at critical moments in their decision making, however platform and purpose-led ad design has remained an afterthought. 

VMG Digital help brands boost their social media campaign performance by repurposing existing brand assets (or crafting them from scratch) and turning them into bespoke and fit-for-audience video, image, or interactive ad formats. They strive to convey your message in the most engaging way possible to generate action in line with business and campaign goals.

As creative marketing partners of Facebook, Google and TikTok, the VMG team enjoy working with businesses big and small as well as agencies and technology platforms around the globe. VMG Digital think global and act local, with offices in Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Chennai, Manila, London and New York.

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