There are a wide range of funding options for high-growth technology start-ups and companies in New Zealand. From incubators and grants, to Angel investment, venture capital, and private equity. Here are a few entities that may be able to help kick-start your funding journey, and if you're not sure what funding is best for you, HERE is an overview of the various types.

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Private Equity (PE) is the umbrella term for a broad range of investment funds that pool investors’ money together to make investments into private companies.
Private Equity

NZPC (NZ Private Capital)

Check out NZPC and their comprehensive list of Private Equity firms within their members list. NZPC act as members and mentors for businesses seeking capital from a New Zealand venture capital or private equity fund manager

Private Equity

Purpose Capital Impact Fund

A collaboration between the New Zealand business, investment, and philanthropic sectors. Combining commercial and philanthropic expertise to bring new resources and capital to projects and organisations working toward social and environmental solutions.