Start-up Investors

Looking to back a Kiwi technology start-up? Depending on your level of experience with investing, there are several ways that you can back Kiwi technology start-ups. Here are some networks and resources to support you on your investment journey, and opportunities for where/how you can invest.

Invest in the cutting edge of New Zealand conceived IP by investing into a tech incubator programme. Contact the provider directly if you'd like to back a programme
Tech Incubator Investor

Callaghan Innovation Founder Incubator

Callaghan Innovation supports a range of Founder Incubators around NZ. They are targeted at people with great ideas, providing services to help you and your team validate your idea in the market and build a strong business around it

Tech Incubator Investor

Callaghan Innovation Technology Incubator

Technology Incubator commercialises deep technologies with funding and business incubation support to build a business around unique and complex technologies

Tech Incubator Investor

Creative HQ: The Incubator

A 6-month hybrid programme for Wellington start-ups requiring support for raising your first investment round

Tech Incubator Investor

Startup Dunedin: The Distiller Incubator

For Dunedin start-ups that are looking to launch or grow, through mentorship and customised support to achieve goals

Tech Incubator Investor


A fully funded founder-based incubator, partnering with Canterbury entrepreneurs to scale their businesses