Startmate Women Fellowship

/ Sponsorships / 23 Jun 2023

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The Startmate Women Fellowship is a programme and community for ambitious women looking to supercharge their career in start-ups.

If you are curious about working in a start-up, founding your own start-up, or investing in start-ups, the Women Fellowship is for you!

This is a six week community-driven programme that runs bi-annually and will give you the tools, connections and confidence to hit the ground running in the start-up ecosystem. You’ll join a community of talented and inspiring women, and will gain backstage access to some of the most exciting start-ups in Australia and New Zealand. 

In addition to weekly sessions and events, you will also receive personalised support from top start-up/VC operators, founders, investors and leaders, who will help you navigate the start-up world with confidence. 

As part of our commitment to this programme, and the development of females in the tech start-up ecosystem of Aotearoa, we sponsor 5 women to partake in each cohort.

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