Supporting Kiwi tech start-ups, innovators and investors to become world-class companies and providers.

Our purpose

To support New Zealand early-stage businesses and investors to be world-class.

Our vision it to help develop and foster a vibrant and self-sustaining New Zealand early-stage investment ecosystem.

Our two investment vehicles; Elevate and Aspire funds, are designed to stimulate private investment into this space through a fund of funds and co-investment model.

Our organisation

New Zealand Growth Capital Partners (NZGCP) was established by the New Zealand Government in 2002 to build a vibrant early-stage technology investment market in New Zealand.

Alongside operating our Aspire and Elevate funds, we are also involved in a range of market development initiatives that include sponsorship and support of programmes, events and other initiatives alongside ecosystem partners like New Zealand Private Capital and the Angel Association of New Zealand.

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The NZGCP team are based in Auckland and Wellington. We are governed by a private sector board of directors who provide oversight to our investment management teams.