Reduce wastewater to zero.

Sector: Deep-tech

Invested: January 2018


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Aquafortus has the world’s most advanced zero liquid discharge technology.

Global industries generate billions of tonnes of high-salinity, difficult-to-treat wastewater every year that can only be treated by energy-hungry thermal evaporation technologies.

Aquafortus is a water treatment company specialising in the treatment of hypersaline wastewater. Their non-thermal recovery and crystallisaton technology uses only a fraction of the energy of thermal evaporation systems and it can reduce high-salinity wastewater to dry salt, achieving a full zero liquid discharge solution.

Significant industries like mining, oil and gas who produce enormous volumes of hypersaline wastewater, have a huge negative environmental impact and require a solution like Aquafortus’ ABX technology. Existing solutions, like the thermal evaporators and crystallisers, are too expensive and ineffective for industries to widely adopt.

Aquafortus utilises a patented liquid-to-liquid solvent exchange process that removes all dissolved solids from the water, producing clean water and crystallised salts. Additionally, hypersaline wastewater from mining, oil and gas often contain valuable minerals like lithium, copper and magnesium that can be precipitated and recovered using Aquafortus’ ABX technology.

By treating the wastewater, Aquafortus is able to reduce pollution, provide clean water and produce valuable minerals.

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