Activate growth. Maximising plant biology with UV.

Sector: Agri-tech

Invested: March 2013



BioLumic UV technology delivers ultraviolet light to seeds and seedlings to trigger biological mechanisms that increase plant growth, vigour and yields. The team at BioLumic consist of plant scientists, agronomists, engineers and data scientists based in both NZ and USA. Together they are developing world-first technology which is clean, green and GM free.

Backed by the Government via a grant from MBIE, this technology also caught the attention of the fledgling cannabis industry, resulting in one of the world's largest investors of cannabis start-ups, Canopy Rivers, co-investing in this Kiwi start-up.

BioLumic Photogenics platform:

BioLumic develops proprietary UV RecipesTM via its Photogenics platform, where candidate recipes are screened from one thousand trillion potential combinations, using a combination of plant phenotyping, marker gene analysis, and data science. From there, UV RecipesTM are optimised against customer genetics and/or cultivation system, with recipes and application hardware licenced.

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