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Invested: July 2020




A cloud-based scheduling software designed to provide a nimble and adaptive rostering system for hospitals. Fully customised, the software allows for tailored solutions specific to the needs of each department, site and area without complications.

Created by founder and CEO Dr. Stephen Pool in 2008 (a self-taught programmer), Core Schedule helps to solve the everyday problems and complexities he personally experienced over 20 years of dealing with hospital rostering.

From the start, the SaaS (software as a service) has been designed with the end user in mind; “Core Schedule allows rosters to be made easily and safely, and to manage changes efficiently and fairly. This allows doctors and nurses to spend more time with their patients and not spend hours trying to figure out why the night shift is not covered right now.

Core Schedule is currently used in over 80 hospitals, including 14 District Health Boards (DHBs) in New Zealand as well as hospitals in Australia and the United States.

Read more here on how one customer (Bay of Plenty District Health Board - NZ) implemented the app during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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