Manage safety equipment from your phone.

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Scannable is solving the work-at-height industry challenges of staying safe and compliant while managing safety equipment. 

From tree care and construction to telecommunications and renewable energy technicians, key safety equipment like helmets, harnesses, ropes, and carabiners are crucial in these work-at-height roles. Globally there are increasing regulations to manage, track and report on all equipment through its lifecycle, but the technology to do so is lacking .. enter Scannable! 

Scannable brings height safety into the 21st century with the first solution to identify all height safety equipment with the “tap of a phone”, empowering everyone with a mobile device to record and track their safety equipment efficiently. Under the hood of Scannable’s app is a huge data set, drawing industry data into a central place in order to deliver insights and technical data to the different industry stakeholders. A perfect example of this is connecting the supply chain to support manufacturer recalls of safety equipment through push notifications direct to your phone if an item you own has been recalled.

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